Thursday, October 10, 2002

I’ve been waiting for the English translation of this – The monthly “Peace Index”.
Some highlights:

The findings of the Peace Index survey for this month point to a disparity between the poor condition of Israel's economy and the ongoing clash with the Palestinians, on the one hand, and the general sentiments of the Israeli-Jewish public, on the other hand. This is despite the fact that the issues are extensively, and for the most part pessimistically, covered in the media. Therefore, the overall mood, assessments of the economic and personal situation, and feelings of personal security are not as negative as might be expected. The majority of the public characterizes these issues at a medium level. In fact, despite the difficult economic and security situation and prospective future developments, an overwhelming majority is not realistically considering emigration.

[…] The general picture that emerges is that taking into account the difficult objective conditions, the "national morale" is by no means at a nadir. This is consistent with findings we have presented several times over the past two years - the public believes in Israeli society's resiliency even should the present situation continue for the foreseeable future.


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