Thursday, October 03, 2002

Meryl Yourish on the U.N.’s longtime radical anti-Israel bias. She’s got the statistics of anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolutions. Did you know that 210 of its 1436 resolutions are anti-Israel? That’s 15%. We’re infamous!

Ben Gurion had it right. Most of you probably know of the contempt he felt for the U.N. (which he called “Umm Shmum” – Umm being Hebrew for U.N.).

When I was a child in Haifa, my family and I regularly drove down U.N. Blvd on the way to our favorite falafel stand (the Arab-owned King of Falafel). One evening, U.N. Blvd. was no longer U.N. Blvd. As if by magic, it had become Zionism Blvd, overnight.

It wasn’t really magic. It was the U.N. equating Zionism with racism, of course. So at quite a tender age I discovered that the U.N. was more than a big building in New York where they sold “baboushka” (“matroushka”?) dolls from the USSR.


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