Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Diane was right?
OK, so we’re ready. The gas masks are in order. We’re all stocked up with plastic sheeting and masking tape. We’ve got the required amount of water. The security room is still empty (there’s a catch there but I’ll tell you about it later). We’re all psyched up and we’ve even been playing God by giving out invitations to the few fortunate close relatives who will get to play sardines with us in our apartment in Mitzpe Ramon.

And now you tell me it’ll only be NEXT YEAR???

What am I supposed to do with 32 bottles of water?

Diane (of Gotham) says: "Gotham is the town of "wise fools." I am definitely a fool, but whether I am wise or not time will tell.

I say there will be no invasion. Bush lost a major opportunity, because in war, momentum is legitimacy. This country was united like a mailed fist on 9/11. He could have announced, "the invasion starts tomorrow; Islam delenda est" and people would have lined up around the block to volunteer. I KNOW THIS.

The whole strategy since then has been to dampen the people's natural ardor for justice with a bunch of diplo-bullshit and delay and circumstance. They HAD TO KNOW that this would happen. HAD TO KNOW.

Ain't gonna be no war.

Am I a wise fool or just a fool? Time will tell".

Oy vey. I hope she's wrong.

Doesn't it just give you a nostalgic pang to read something so Gothamy?


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