Monday, January 27, 2003

Still under the weather.
I’m getting bored. That’s a good sign. I dread the mounds of backlog that’ll be waiting for me when I get back to work. That is, if I don’t arrive back to find my things in a box outside the door, in which case, someone else will have to do it all ;-)

Ah, Tom Paine has been to Mitzpe Ramon. That’s nice. He gives a good description: ”…it's kinda like looking down onto the surface of Mars. There's this HUGE crater, and the town is built right on the lip. There's a Crater Observatory right on the edge with enormous floor-to-ceiling windows. Just put some red cellophane over them, and it looks like Mars Colonisation Authority HQ, Olympus Mons, circa 2057”. Yeah, that’s what we like about being there. Puts you into perspective.

Don’t worry. I’ll be getting to the polling station tomorrow, on my knees if needs be, to vote for the guy on the left. (Via Charles Johnson, Silent Running and Meryl Yourish).

Or should I vote Shinui?

Watching Mitzna's speech on the party propaganda broadcasts last night, I commented to Bish that I might just vote for Mitzna out of pity. Bish said I should be careful or people will start to believe I am actually capable of that emotion. Since he's been a politician he's become so mean. I asked him if we’re going to end up like that elderly couple they’ve been showing on TV. The husband wants to divorce his wife of many years on the grounds of her not voting for the “correct” party. They have hardly been speaking to each other since the last election, when she did the unthinkable (voted for Barak). The Rabbis have suggested that she doesn’t vote, in order to save their marriage. See what I mean? Why didn’t they suggest he doesn’t vote?

Anyway, Bish says that could be a good idea, but he just has to make up his mind whom to vote for first.

Update: At last, international recognition! Wind Rider thinks I’m an important Israeli!
Oops! Although, it could be said that Sharon is further left than some of his party counterparts. Ever since I was map-reader during a European holiday in 1987, while Bish drove, he has known the shameful truth about me. I can’t tell my RIGHT from my LEFT (“Turn right, here. Right, I said, right! Why are you turning left?”). He married me anyway.