Thursday, January 09, 2003

The Frog has come through (I knew he would)
with regard to my memorable mention on a Fatah forum (famous at last).

“I had a look at the Arabic site. My "computer Arabic" is a little poor so I'm not certain that I understand all the terms they use for web-surfing. From what I understand, they are saying that "Not A Fish is an institution (or probably a "web site") that offers a 'connection' (probably a "link" in computing terms) to the Simon Wiesenathal Centre, that is running a campaign under the slogan 'let's act (?) now' to protest against the novel. Similarly, the former site offers a link to Amazon.Com in France and publishes the information about the novel presented on that site."

Both sites are discussed under the heading "Sites relating to the Subject".

The next one mentioned is "Our Jerusalem", a Jewish Extremist site according to this report.”

I see. All pertaining to that book about Palestine that that Egyptian-Italian adolescent is said to have written. I’m not naming the book or the author. I was first on google about this, for a while, I’m sorry to say. I’ve given it enough publicity.


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