Tuesday, January 07, 2003

An Israeli blog I hadn't been aware of, Sha!, discusses Shinui and gives an historic perspective, as well. (I can’t link to the specific post. Scroll down to 28th December).

And while we’re on the subject, Yoel Marcus, in the Haaretz article I linked to yesterday, suggests that some of the people who plan to vote for Shinui are “disappointed ex-Likudniks who can't bring themselves to vote Labor”. He says that they see Shinui as a way station. It doesn't sound like Marcus has been talking to many Likud voters lately. None of the disappointed Likud voters I know would dream of voting for Labor right now. They would rather not vote at all, and I know quite a few people who plan to do just that.

My friend at work is one of them. She also says many of the blue-collar workers she rides the morning bus with at 6 o'clock (am) every day feel the same way.