Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Rinat from Balagan, came to live here from Brazil five months ago. She is a wonderful, energetic and optimistic person. I love reading about her experience, learning to live in a new country. I find her blog inspirational. Lately she has been going through a tough period. She’s been working very hard at two exhausting jobs and was having difficulty finding an apartment. Her spirits have seemed uncharacteristically low at times. The last thing she has needed is nasty, petty harrassment on her comments. But some people couldn’t care less. If she’s Israeli she deserves it. Tired? Down? Ah, but you’d have it worse if you were a Palestinian, you nasty person you. Signed with a first name. No e-mail. No URL. The unbearable ease of anonymously kicking someone in the teeth and running away. Pathetic. A bit like this miserable human being, who drove his truck into a car parked at the side of the road, killing one person and injuring another, on the road to Jerusalem in the small hours of last night. He got out of his truck, saw that he’d done some serious damage, and then, instead of trying to help, he got back in his truck and drove off.

Enjoy your new apartment, Rinat. Hope the new job offer works out.

Update: That was a bit harsh. A nasty comment, is not like a hit and run accident, where someone gets killed. I apologize.


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