Wednesday, January 29, 2003

How could this happen?
Left wing politicians and pundits talked and talked all morning on Israel radio. Some of them admitted to being in shock about the results of the elections. And I really wanted to ask them: Which planet have you been on exactly???? If you had just spent a little time during the last couple of years listening, really listening, to the voices around you, instead of blaming and deriding; if you had only spent some time trying to stretch your brains to let in some other opinions, for a change; if you had made a little effort to control your urge to run to the psychiatrists for explanations for the collective lunacy of Israelis that do not belong to your own circles - maybe you wouldn’t be so surprised today. No one else is.

Oh and reading too much Haaretz doesn’t help much, either.

All things considered, the left actually did quite well...

[Sorry, couldn't help it. You wouldn't begrudge me my fun, would you? I reckon I earned it]

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Posted by my very own Bish on an Israeli forum:

Strategically, most Israelis are prepared for concessions like those suggested by the Israeli left, but agree with the Israeli right that there is currently no one with whom to negotiate.

The right will continue to rule Israel, as long as the left continues insisting on negotiating with Arafat, and goes on and on about our “not being able to determine who will lead the Palestinians” while people are being blown up in the streets.

Even born pro-concessions-lefties, like myself, will not vote for a blind Israeli left, locked in views that are not compatible with reality.

But Ehud Barak is right when he says that, one day, reality will change again, and the viewpoint of the Israeli left will once again be relevant.

And then the stupid and blind politicians will jump up and cry: “We told you so” and “At last the nation understands that we always had it right” …

Fools. Even the hands of a clock that isn’t working show the correct time twice a day.