Friday, February 18, 2005

All very useful stuff.
The weather has been hot and dry for a few days. We’re back in short sleeves.

This morning Bish and I joined my friends from art class in the Friday market in Dizengoff Circle. I guess you could call it a chachke market. It apparently started off a few years ago as a market for people to come and sell their old bits and bobs, but this morning a lot of the vendors looked pretty much like pros to me. It was great fun, looking at all the wonderful old stuff for sale, a stroll down memory lane.

Among other things, there were rows and rows of little porcelain figurines; many, many children’s books we read when we were young; antique-y looking jewelry; heavy old silver cutlery; ugly tea sets; some really cool old handguns; loads of wristwatches (Bish bought one); flea-bitten old clothes (I can’t believe I used to wear nearly only stuff like that at one time); and, of course, more Soviet army medals and insignia than you ever thought existed, never mind being sold on the street in Tel Aviv. We even came across a signed copy of Menahem Begin’s "The Revolt" (in Hebrew).

I think some of the shoppers were just as colorful as the wares on sale.