Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I was awake at half past four this morning, my mind chattering away, planning my post about our lovely evening with the Bogner's last night. But it's half past six in the evening now, the post isn't written yet, and in any minute my friends are going to pick me up for our art class. We're having an early lesson this week, because we plan to go out on the town afterwards.

Bish and I are going out tomorrow night as well, and the only reason I'm not going out on Thursday is ... no time, I'll tell you later.

And we told the Bogner's we never go out. Oy, the embarrassment. They'll never believe us again in our lives. A week like this hasn't happened since... actually I don't think I've ever had a crazy week like this. And I haven't told you about my weekend yet.

So excuse the non-blogging. I'll be back!

Update: David beat me to it, and did a far better job than I could have. Hilarious.