Monday, February 07, 2005

Please forgive me for disappearing like that. (Thank you for worrying, David).

I have been worried and upset about a certain aspect of the Cafe Diverso thing. I think it would be disloyal to write about it here. This is difficult because this is a place I should be able to let off steam. On the other hand, I don’t let off steam about work here, and I have quite a lot of steam to let off about work.

Hmmm. Now I realize why I haven’t been writing much lately. I need to get more neutral things to let off steam about.

What I plan to do is post some of the stories I write that are not suitable for Cafe Diverso.

My sample stories were accepted, by the way, and will appear there some time in March. Of course, it’s been so long since I wrote them that by now I’ve decided I don’t like them. By March I will absolutely hate them.

Of course, I did write them in a hurry for my application…

Blogging is so much better. You write something. You let everyone see it immediately, then you forget all about it until two years later you get hate-mail about it from some nutcase, and you have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.