Saturday, February 12, 2005

Remember Zakaria Zbeidi? Tali Fahima’s ...erm... friend from Jenin, and, by the way, also charismatic commander of the Al-Aqtza Martyrs Brigade in the north of Samaria? Well, since peace has broken out the Israeli media is all over him, much to the frustration of the families of his victims.

Here is an amusing excerpt from an interview in Maariv’s weekend magazine:

Do you know "Eretz Nehederet" ("A Wonderful Country" – a popular Israeli TV satire)?

"Yes. I laughed when I saw what they did with Suha Arafat and the money, and that they laughed about Arafat that he was dead, not dead, dead, not dead. I heard that they want to do a character of me on the program. If they do something like that I’m stopping the hudna."

Reading this, Eldest said that now they have to do him. I said you never know. They’re probably all lefties on Eretz Nehederet. They mightn’t want to have it on their conscience. It’s on tomorrow night. Not to be missed now.

Sharon or Peres?

"Arik Sharon is a gever (a real man). When there was war in the Jenin (refugee) camp he came here to the headquarters himself. With a weapon, a helmet, everything. He was up front, like me. He killed us, yes, but I see him as a military commander. He’s not a liar. He puts everything on the table, like Abu Mazen (PA chairman Mahmud Abbas). Shimon Peres is weak. He’s like a critically ill patient in hospital with an oxygen mask."

Oh dear, oh dear. What will the Europeans say?

I love the "like me" bit.