Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mother's Day is BACK!
This morning Eldest wished me Happy Mother's Day and gave me a big hug. It took me a while to understand what she was talking about.

Mother's Day? What Mother's Day? Didn't she know they cancelled Mother's day years ago? Now we have Family Day. Political Correctness gone haywire.

Instead of my dear daughters - whom I schlepped around inside me for nine long months; breastfed for about the same; over whom I lost sleep, night after night for years; with whom I rushed to the doctor and to the hospital and to this clinic and that clinic; about whom I will probably worry myself silly till my dying day - bringing me home nice little hand made cards from kindergarten or school on Mother's Day, I had to go in early to said kindergartens and schools on my only free day of the week, with homebaked cakes I had had hysterics over baking because I am such a pathetic baker, to give talks about my work which I had lost sleep over because I am so shy of an audience (even of six-year-olds). Then I would have to grab for food for my daughters from the communal Family Day meal, before it had all gone. Family Day! Bah!

And now Mother's Day is making a comeback. I want my little hand made cards! Waaaaaaaa!

I'm so spoilt. I have the best girls in the world. They always make me little hand made cards for my birthdays. I even still have a few from previous Family Days.


Update: The girls sent me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers to work, with Bish's help. Absolutely lovely, all greens and oranges. It brightened up my whole day. Could I possibly be more fortunate? (tfu tfu tfu)