Monday, March 31, 2003

A few words by Diane on Rachel Corrie:

...This cat-and-mouse game with the "human shields" was, if not an accepted practice, an ongoing one. Well, it shouldn't have been. The ISP's website indicates that they routinely lie to get into Israel, indicating that the authorities are onto them.

These actions should be barred in the territories. Jurjen kindly points out that the usual security precautions (having a pointman shoo away people from the 'dozer) in the Disputed Territories is difficult because of the risk of sniping. Yes, so don't allow this cat-and-mouse to start at all. Go in there and secure the area and then bring on the 'dozers. If anyone breaks through, arrest and deport them.

Oh, and as Jurjen correctly points out, use of human shields is illegal. That means that the ISM volunteers are lawbreakers, and should be expelled from the territories for that reason alone. They should then be expelled from Israel and barred from entering the country