Saturday, March 22, 2003

Once again, I woke up surprised and grateful this morning following another quiet night. This groggy early morning waking-up sleepiness is a welcome sensation. It means nothing happened again.

For months, no, years, we've been waiting for this. For months everyone has been saying that, this time, we'll not be involved, do not fear. But we are in possession of insecurities and lingering anxieties from the last Gulf War when we were targeted night after night, completely unprovoked, especially here in Tel Aviv, just spitting distance from IDF headquarters. Back then the sound of a motorbike resembling the beginning of an air raid siren continued to make our hearts beat faster months after it was over.

This is this war. So even though my heart reacted with instinctive fear when they let us hear the sirens in Kuwait on TV the day before yesterday, that is there and I am here. And here all is quiet.

I awoke with the pictures in my mind of the immense numbers of coalition troops moving in a planned and orderly fashion through the desert and with a feeling of amazement, tremendous respect and, yes, Awe. I am grateful to be on the right side of the Shock for once. I'm just relieved it's not us being shocked.

Yes, I'm sorry for the Iraqis, I know the terror they are experiencing. I feel no hatred for them. On the contrary, I feel a great deal of compassion, even though I realize they are not going to love Israel and Israelis any more after this is over. Probably even less.

* * * *

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