Sunday, March 02, 2003

Remember the episode of The Drew Carey Show when The Optimists Club's carpool gets run over by a train because the optimists were certain they could make it over the tracks before the train got there? There has been a lot of talk about Saddam here lately as being a great optimist. A lot of experts think he's quite convinced that he's going to get through this.

Interesting post by Salam about one of Saddam's innovative defense tactics for the coming attack. Sorry, I can't post to it directly (Republish your archives, Kiddo!), but it's fresh from today. First association I had was of ancient times, when they used to throw cauldrons of boiling oil over the walls of the castles on the attacking armies. And then I suddenly thought of MacGyver. Do you think Saddam is optimistic enough to reckon he can win this war with an old car radio, some chewing gum and a rubber band?

Later: What am I talking about? This is really revolting. The Americans will just drive through with their gas masks and suits on, or stay outside or whatever. It will be about as irritating for them as a mosquito bite. Meanwhile Baghdadi's will be suffocating. Horrible, horrible. Got to get this monster.


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