Friday, March 21, 2003

Okay this is enough!
I am not in Iraq. I am not being bombed right now. I am in central Tel Aviv, Israel. All is quiet. I admit, my gas mask and those of my husband and daughters are ready by the door of our apartment for rapid removal to the sealed security room on our floor, should we be awoken in the night by a missile attack. But the danger of this happening is low and is decreasing as time goes on, thanks to Coalition forces operating in Western Iraq and because this war really has nothing to do with us.

I welcome all of my many new visitors. I'm really happy to see you all. Please come in and feel welcome to explore my humble abode. The water is on the boil. Do you take sugar with your coffee?

But you see, you've come to the wrong place. Nothing is happening here. You might like to go over to Salam's. That's were the action is.

And for the latest update from him, check out Diane (if you didn't come from her in the first place).


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