Thursday, March 20, 2003

No such luck
I rang my boss for an answer about the weekend. He said that on principal, they’ve decided that mothers won’t be working over the weekend, but he’s got a real problem on Friday between 8am and 4pm and could I please…

Bish absolutely refuses to go without me. So once again I have unpacked our bags. Since this happens so often when we plan to go to our little hideout in Mitzpe Ramon, I’m used to the feeling of disappointment.

There are some good sides to not going. For one thing, Bish will get to see the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game this evening. Our little apartment in Mitzpe Ramon does not boast a television. Or a radio for that matter, but we would have taken one this time. And I’ll be able to catch up with the laundry.

We won’t bother to get the girls up for school tomorrow. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon. We might decide to go then.


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