Saturday, March 01, 2003

Nice day
It’s hard to believe that a few days ago we were in the middle of a storm, a snowstorm in some parts of the country. Today was warm, sunny and dry. We wanted to get the girls out of the house a bit so we all went for a walk in the old Tel Aviv port. It’s no longer a functional port. They’re slowly renovating the old quay and after years of being very run down, in recent years it has become quite trendy, with nightclubs and cafes springing up. It's actually quite nice there now. Today it was full of families enjoying the lovely weather, walking along the pier bridge thing and enjoying the blue sky and the beautiful calm blue sea. We reckoned that the cafes in the actual quay would probably be tourist traps and we sat down for a hummous a few steps away from the port. The weather was nice enough to sit outside. Not too hot and not too cold. Just right.