Sunday, March 02, 2003

Salamat Haaretz
So I finally cancelled our subscription to the print version of Haaretz today. Bish was a bit peeved with me, because I didn't use the opportunity to tell them what I thought about them. He's right, of course. How are they supposed to know it's a protest cancellation if I don't share the fact with them? The thing is that he's the talker in the family. I would just have got all hot and bothered and tongue-tied. Bish gets very frustrated with me, poor dear. They did actually ask me and gave me the feeling I had the chance for cutting a really good deal with them, like getting the paper for next to nothing. Haaretz is very expensive. We should have tried this, years ago. We're not very good business people, Bish and I.

Poor Bish, I think he was looking forward to giving them a piece of his mind. I offered to ring them up because I know he's very busy. The problem is that this is his angry protest cancellation. My angry protest cancellation is the one that didn't happen, nearly a year ago. I've cooled down considerably since then, although I still find a large proportion of the paper extremely aggravating and I believe the English version is very harmful.

Update: Bish called them up. He explained why he has a problem with Haaretz and gave some excellent examples. I knew I couldn't do it anywhere near as well as he could.


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