Saturday, March 01, 2003

I’m getting a bit fed up of saying this, but I think it’s important to stress it again and again: Contrary to some things I’ve been reading in some foreign publications, attempts to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel have not ceased, they are being STOPPED by Israeli forces.

The Israeli police thwarted an attempt to carry out an attack in the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem in mid-January, the capital's police chief, Mickey Levy, revealed Thursday.

A Palestinian on his way from Bethlehem to carry out an attack at the stadium was seized at the entrance to the city. Later, security forces found a three-and-a-half kilogram explosives belt meant for use by the bomber.


According to the data, there were 41 terror attacks in Jerusalem in 2002, including 17 suicide bombings. Eleven attempted suicide attacks were thwarted by the police.

And more:

A car that was about to be blown up in the Netanya area was discovered early this morning (Thursday, 27th February) in Tul Karem. IDF forces found a 20-kilogram explosive next to the car, and suspect the Islamic Jihad of planning the attack.

I got fed up long ago of writing about it every time a bombing here was prevented, I'm not a reporter after all, so I don’t do it any more. But this is a nearly daily occurrence. I think even the Israeli papers are fed up of reporting it, but we hear it on the radio continuously. And we mustn't forget the bombardment of Israeli town of Sderot with Kassam rockets. It’s a miracle no one has yet been killed from one of these rockets, although a few have been badly injured. We didn’t go into Beit Hanoun in Gaza for the fun of it.