Thursday, March 20, 2003

I feel very spoilt in my relative safety, writing about what’s happening here when American, British and other soldiers are going to get killed over there.

A friend of mine has some important job in times of emergency. He was one of very few Israelis who got to meet some of the US military that are in Israel - Patriot operators, I think. He confessed being very impressed with them and how professional and businesslike they were. I’ve been hearing things like this a lot. A lot of people here are currently completely in awe with US soldiers as they are coming over on the media, serious, professional, disciplined. Complaining is often the national pastime over here, and people are pointing out the US soldiers’ complete lack of it.

Furthermore, a lot of people here are expressing empathy for the Iraqi people and what they are about to endure. I too am checking up on Salam all the time.

So excuse me if I sound like a spoilt brat. I’m just writing what I see and feel.


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